26 December 2007     Just as last year, I found some free time during Christmas holidays and updated the project status page.
The enine rebuild went fine. Next step is to adjust the ECU's fuel and ignition maps. I will also be replacing the turbo pressure regulator due to an unstable behaviour.
Next update? Well probably next Christmas...

31 December 2006     Found some free time during Christmas holidays and made major updates to the Status-page.
Added Holland Z meeting 2005 and Z-Club Sweden meeting 2005 to the gallery.
Now it feels like these pages are up to date at last! :)
Next update will come after my engine rebuild and replacement is ready.

10 May 2006     It was a busy 4 years... I know that people have been wondering if I still got my Z. Well I still got it and the Z-hobby is still going strong. I've got some new plans for it as well. This time I'm goig to go all the way with forged pistons and rods etc. The 2005 season was great with visits to Australia, Holand Zed meeting and track days in Sweden. I've updated the gallery with the visit to Ozzie Zedders. I promise to update those pages more often :)

24 November 2002     At last a face lift! The home page felt outdated so I gave it a new face. I hope you like it.

16 October 2002     The Gallery is updated with pictures from our wedding Z photo session. The Status page is updated as well.
For pictures from this year's meeting at Karlskoga Raceway (Gälleråsen) see the gallery at  
I'm looking forward to next year, as a Nurburg Ring trip is organized by the club and I'm definitely going to join that event. There are a couple of cars joining in from Sweden, so drop me a line if you want to join us. There will definitely be an update to the gallery after that trip!

3 May 2002    NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT!!!: Shift At Will, a manual controller for the automatic transmission!
Shift gears with buttons on the steering wheel! Check out my company's home page at for details.

25 December 2001     PCV Race upgrade info, added to the Tech section.
The Status section is updated now.
Merry Christmas and a CraZy New Year to you all!

10 November 2001     The winter season is here and the Z is now resting in the garage. Some of the winter projects are Tiptronic system for the transmission, big brakes and some cosmetic upgrades...
I updated the Tech-section with a useful Excel-file. The price-check function has been made to work again as well(with another vendor).

4 August 2001     Updated the gallery with pictures from the track day at Gälleråsen Raceway, organized by the Swedish 200SX Club.
Due to problems in obtaining the CA3094 OP-Amp for the Safety Boost Warning Light, I've made a new circuit using the most common OP-Amp in the world, 741. Check the Tech-section for details.

22 June 2001     Out of the garage at last! Finally I had some free time to update the status info. I was to busy working on the Z this spring. Check out the status pages for latest info.

25 February 2001     A new Tech write-up. This time a small electronic project called "Safety Boost Warning Light". A very important little gizmo IMO. Check it out!

16 February 2001     At last I found some free time to update the Tech section. The vacuum leak article will be a good complement to the idle problem write-ups.
Right now I'm preparing for the next season. The rear subframe is coming out this weekend cause I'm replacing the bushings. New shocks and springs are on order as well. I'll be taking pictures during the install and update the Status section.

07 Oktober 2000     The articles that I announced in the previous News went up in the beginning of September. I updated them a little bit today. Currently I'm looking for boost/vacuum leaks and will have a write-up on that soon.

18 August 2000     Added pictures from our trip to Norway to the Gallery. Take a look at this beautiful country!
Updated Status info with my latest Greddy intercooler install. I'm working on a couple of new Tech articles right now as well. Just gotta snap more pictures and do some final editing. Out soon!

30 June 2000     More pictures from the Holland 2000 Z-Car Meeting in the Gallery. This time captured from the video camera.

25 June 2000     Look in the Gallery for Holland 2000, International Z-Car Meeting pictures and write-up!

8 June 2000     YES! TT.NET is online again! Without the forum function though :( But the whole TT.NET gang hangs out at
Now, that means that my links to stuff at TT.NET are working again, so go ahead and use them! :)

One more thing... The Z is running great!! I made a dual MAS setup and it's working very well. Just in time for the Z meeting in Holland that I'm heading to next week. Expect some pics soon (and maybe even video).

4 June 2000     A very sad day... TT.NET forum is gone. This is a great loss to the Z community but lets hope for the best. There is a new place to hang out, You'll find the familiar names over there. As for now all the links on my pages pointing to stuff on are out of order. The admins on promised though that all the technical material will be available again soon.
I replaced the tension rod bushings and the rear transmission mount yesterday. Look in STATUS for a description.

Just wanted to say that was by far the best 300ZX forum on the net and gave me a lot of knowledge and pleasure of sharing knowlege with others. I'm hoping that maybe it will return some day... Thanks to Damon, Greg, Steve and all others involved in it!

1 June 2000     Looking for part numbers? Check out the Tech page for help on finding the right part number for your Z.

27 May 2000     Hear the rumble from a 3" exhaust on the STATUS page. If you want to check the prices at Courtesy Nissan online, visit the Tech-page.
I'm preparing for the June meeting in Holland. I hope I'll be ready in time...

13 May 2000     I'm happy to announce that we're up and running again after more than 6 months! See the updated STATUS for details.

10 May 2000     The resurrection of the mighty Z...  Check the STATUS page! I've put it all together. See how it went!

1 May 2000 !!! A new domain has been brought to life! Now it'll be easier to remember the address. If you're annoyed by the banner at the bottom of the page just click the HOME button (that's the price I had to pay for this :).
Otherwise I'm spending all my time in the garage preparing for the resurrection of the mighty Z. I'll be putting it together next weekend so wish me luck! :)

16 April 2000     STATUS updated. At last, the engine is finished. Now lets move to the garage. I'll be putting the engine in in the beginning of May. I'm very excited about the outcome... will it start? We'll see... Look out for new updates after Easter. Happy Easter!

9 April 2000     STATUS updated. The wait is over! I've got all the parts at home and I'm VERY busy. Gotta go back to my dining room :)
I'm taking pictures of everything that I'm doing so I'll be able to write some nice articles later. Z ya later!

12 March 2000     STATUS updated. While waiting for parts I'm taking care of some cosmetic improvements...
When the parts arrive I'll be taking pictures of everything I do so I'll have some interesting material for more tech write-ups.
I see some increased traffic from the Z-Car web-ring, now over 200 hits! That's great, it keeps my motivation to work on these pages.
Thanks for visiting guys and gals!

2 March 2000    New TECH article added. This time the popular unstable idle problem. There are more write-ups to come, so stay tuned.
Added 2 pictures to the GALLERY.
As far as the status info goes, the tranny is on it's way back from Level 10, the turbos are on it's way to Turbo Specialties and I'm also waiting for a big package from Courtesy with a lot of miscellaneous stuff like: hoses, seals, O2 sensors, engine mounts, belts....

19 Feb 2000    Joined the Z-Car web-ring! See LINKS for webring navigator box. Updated links with more interesting stuff.
Added a ME page, it's about, well... me :) Reorganized STATUS page for easier navigation. Added TECH page with DIY tips.
There will also be a Z-SPEC page with general info on the Z32.

4 Feb 2000    Refresh on STATUS info! Tranny shipped, engine stripped...
Previous status info moved to a separate page (link at the bottom of STATUS).
This was due to a large amount of images. Now you don't have to wait for the images you've already seen to download.
Got rid of the bloody slow java-applet for the menu, replaced by java-script.
Just hope I can find time to put up a TECH page containing miscellaneous write-ups and tips.

12 Jan 2000    Updated STATUS with latest info about the Twin Turbo in my dining room...
Since I'm starting to disassemble the engine I'm planning on doing a write-up on removing plenum. I hope it'll be finished in a week.

9 Jan 2000    Created this home page. This is my first home page ever so I hope you like it even though it's not so professional.
The reason I created it is be able to share my experiences with other Z enthusiasts on the net. Since I bought a digital camera I'll be able to document the work that I'm doing on the car. I hope that someone will find it useful. Don't hesitate to email me, I'll be happy to share my findings with you.

To keep up my motivation I would like to invite you to sign my Guest Book. It's good to know that someone actually is reading these pages...

Thank you for stopping by!

Maciek (Z Viking)

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